Student Visa Consultancy

Empowering Dreams: Aimultra Visa Consultancy Service Expands Services and Celebrates Success Stories

Aimultra Visa Consultancy Service , a prominent player in the field of immigration and visa services, is making headlines with its recent expansion and a string of success stories. With a focus on facilitating seamless visa processes and turning aspirations into reality, the consultancy service is redefining the way individuals pursue international opportunities. Enhanced Services […]

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Excitement and Learning Unleashed at Annual Educational Carnival!

Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Jan ,10 ,2024 – The city was abuzz with enthusiasm as the Annual Educational Carnival unfolded its gates, bringing together students, educators, and families for a day of interactive learning and entertainment. The carnival, hosted by Aim ultra Educational Consultancy Service, lived up to its reputation as a spectacular showcase of knowledge, […]

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